What is the maximum total supply?

30B $NHT.

What will the circulating supply be once the tokens are generated?

33% i.e. 10bn tokens will freely circulate. The balance 20bn will be created but held as reserves.

What is the current market cap?

10M USD.

Why is so much $NHT in reserve?

Our intention is to use the reserve judiciously, and only as the community, and end-user needs grow. If Neighbourhoods takes off, and if we need to expand the team rapidly to support development, we may need to liquidate reserves. However, that would only happen if the number of people wanting to support Neighbourhoods grows.

Do you have vesting or lock-ins?

We had several discussions about the pros/cons of lock-in schedules versus organic vesting. We decided to go with the latter since it allows us to modulate our speed based on the growth and demands of our end-users.
We decided to do a Community Offering because we wanted to offer this window to people who have been following the project for a while, and therefore can take the leap of faith with us.